Best Video Editing Software of all time

Hey Guys, In this article, I am going to share with you 5 Best Video Editing Software of all time. If you are an advanced user and looking for software with almost all the effects, then this list is filled with some best software, which you can use. So without wasting time,

Best Video Editing Software of all time starts from here

  1. Adobe Premiere Pro cc (For Advanced Users)

Best Video Editing Software

All of us Know that Adobe is one of the most trusted brands in media editing industry. It includes all the important editing features. you can fully customize a video when you are using such an amazing software.

All of us know that Adobe is one of the most trusted brands in this industry. It supports all the important features that should be in a perfect video editing software. premiere Pro is loaded with all the transitions effect with many of the advanced features.

It supports almost all the video formats. In addition to purchasing Adobe Premiere Pro, you have to download creative cloud software on your PC, which will manage all the important updates and other updates of Adobe Premiere Pro. With this software, you can edit a simple video to the next level.
1. Support 360 VR video.
2. supports the 8k and 4k video format.
3. Free trial available without credit card details.
4. Unlimited effects transitions and much more.
5. Supports on almost all the platforms.
6. Requirements for a high-end system.
If you buy this software you must subscribe creative cloud for Adobe premiere pro software management.

Click to check System Requirments

Click on the above link and read all the important system requirements before purchasing your favorite software Adobe Premiere Pro cc.

2. Apple Final Cut Pro x

Best Video Editing Software

Apple Final Cut Pro x interface looks like apples free software iMovie. But there is a lot of different features in this software. This software contains the best user selection of effects and transitions. But to use this software you must have a powerful Mac.  Final Cut Pro X also features directly uploading of video to many of the social media platforms like YouTube Romeo Facebook and musically.


  1. You can get a lifetime license of $299.99, Which is incredible.
  2. Magnetic timeline.
  3. Comes with latest, special video effects and Advanced options.
  4. 360 degree, 4K and HDR video support.


  1. Doesn’t support 8k video format.
  2. Its layout is outdated.
  3. It lags when importing heavy files like a 4K format video.

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3. Adobe Premiere Elements


1.Fast rendering speed
2. Its some feature includes AI
3. Works on both Windows and Mac
4. It includes a standard feature smart trimmer which cuts the unnecessary parts of your video


1. It does not support
2. Doesn’t support 360 video
3. Its highlights feature Candid moments does not perform well always

Click here to check system requirements

4. Corel VideoStudio ultimate

Best Video Editing Software

Corel VideoStudio ultimate is also editors favorite software, Because this software has some stands out features like lens correction tools, 3D title editor, and pAN and zoom control. 

Corel VideoStudio has unlimited creativity interactive workflow and supports almost all the popular video formats.

This time coral VideoStudio ultimate is one of the best video editing software available in the market. It contains almost all the important features like audio mixer video stabilizer 4K compatibility, chroma key 3D editing.

Corel video studio Hai almost all the basic features. Like all the advanced and paid software video studio also have a Multicam module and motion tracking tools.


  1. It has a great selection of fun video creation tools with a simple and clear interface.
  2. like all the other it also supports 4K Ultra HD and 3D animation in any format of videos.
  3. Standout feature motion tracking allows you to add text and objects which looks like a moving element.
  4. Lifetime license available at just $57.99.
  5. 360-degree feature available.
  6. Now its also features lens correction tools.
  7. also, consist of split screen video effects.


  1. Slow rendering speed.
  2. Some advanced features are too difficult to learn.

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5. Cyberlink Power Director

Best Video Editing Software

If you are an old user in this video editing industry and now if you will use CyberLink PowerDirector then you will find it with the fastest rendering and clear interface.

PowerDirector is loaded with unlimited affairs and multicam editing it also supports 360 and 4K video format.

It also consists of motion tracking like Corel VideoStudio Pro. CyberLink PowerDirector has an express project stand out feature basically it allows you to create close up action shot or group shot.


1. CyberLink PowerDirector is loaded with unlimited transition and effects.
2. Features 3D and 4K capability.
3. a standard out feature action cam tools.
4. A free trial is available up to 30 days.


  1. For beginners, Its interface may be difficult to use.
  2. Sometimes, It crashes when you work on intense operations.

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