The magic of rooting what is rooting and how to root android device pros and cons

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what is rooting and how to root android device pros and cons:- rooting is a process, with which user can get whole access to OS of android phone. With this feature, we can do many tasks as we can access the restricted phone features and able to make to do the better performance of the old device. Though normal users can not access the operating system. If the user doesn’t know the right way of rooting the phone would be damaged or there may also be a fire in it.

pros:what is rooting and how to root android device pros and cons

Phone root is also called as jailbreaking. Through this, we can change the operating system of the smartphone. If you want then you can change the phone lock, user interface and much more also. You can change the installed operating system with the new Android operating system.

Can remove bloatware:

Users cannot uninstall the preinstalled app from they are called bloatware, But with the rooting tool, users can easily uninstall them. The advantage will be that the non-working app will not take much space on the phone. This can improve the phone’s performance. It has often been seen that when the phone has less space or more working apps then the phone gets slow.

install non-compatible apps:

what is rooting and how to root android device pros and cons

There are many such applications which are not compatible with the user’s phone due to the restriction of the specification, restriction of the country. But you can easily install apps which are developed for Android through rooting. Apart from this, there are many root applications that make the user experience better. (what is rooting and how to root android device pros and cons)

Is fast update:

Manufacturer tests the smartphone before releasing it to the public. therefore read-only memory update is available on the official site. People who root their phones, they can download this. After that, they suggest the company what can be better. That’s why rooted users benefit from the updates they get first.

custom rom:

a lot of people root only to install custom rom on the phone, like cyanogen mode rom etc. after installing custom rom users interface changes completely also get more updated software versions. custom rom are available with different functionalities and looks in the market. users can select and install the rom according to their preferences and features. custom rom is available for almost all android phones and tablets. (what is rooting and how to root android device pros and cons).

full backup:

This is also the advantages of rooting android devices that you can always restore full backup anytime.however in unrooted android phones you can also make backup and store it. But sometimes there are apps data and other things in it. But in the rooted device, The full backup of the smartphone can be taken with the help applications like titanium backup. Then it can be restored easily.


what is rooting and how to root android device pros and cons

abrogated from warranty

the biggest disadvantage of rooting android device is that you will lose your warranty.although some companies provide warranty after rooting. but most companies do not.

the phone may be damaged

(what is rooting and how to root android device pros and cons) During a root, a wrong step can damage the phone completely, so before rooting it is very it is very important that you must know about it well.

Impact on performance

Users also root their phone so that the performance of the phone increases. Although most users do not know about rooting. Therefore, an incorrect step can slow the performance. Whether or not to root the device depends on what you want from the phone.

If you are an advanced user then you can choose the root option. But if you do not have the conferencing to root the phone, then you should avoid it.

How to root the device:

what is rooting and how to root android device pros and cons

Install the kingoroot app on the PC to root the device. click here to download kingoroot app

Now open the app after installing.

Then you will be asked to connect to the phone. Also, connecting the phone, make sure that the phone should have USB debugging option turned on. For USB debugging go to the setting >devlopers>USB debugging. Remember, if the phone is too old then the developer’s options will be available in the setting option. If you do not find the developers option, go to the phones about the setting.

Here you will see the built number, now press it. After holding for a while, you will see a status, That the developer option is already available on your phone. After that go to out settings here developers, now tap on it. Now you will see the option of USB debugging to turn it on.

After this, the phone will be ready to install the USB software, so you give it to permission to install it on your phone. As soon as the installation is done, the root option will appear on the phone. Click on it now it will start the process of phone rooting.

After this follow the full details as soon as the rooting process is complete, you will be written in the finish.

top rooting apps:

what is rooting and how to root android device pros and cons

Rooting the Android device has its advantages and disadvantages. If you want to root the phone, then you can install the following apps……

  • Jeremy root
  • adblock plus
  • apps2sd
  • flashfire
  • magick
  • quick reboot(with root)
  • supersu
  • titanium backup

these apps will help in rooting your smartphone.

Important precautions before rooting your phone:
what is rooting and how to root android device pros and cons

backup data:

Rooting of the smartphone is known as that you are losing your data. Although, generally rooting your smartphone does not delete data. We suggest helium app to sync your data.for contacts you can use Vcard and can save it to your PC.

Charge your battery:

when you will root your device, charge your battery minimum 50 %. Because many processes take place like formatting, restarting, rebooting and rooting. If you will root your phone without charging, then your phone can damage.

USB cable:

Use the correct USB cables, when root your smartphone. Because if your phone may be the disconnect and the process may be stuck in the middle. Then your phone will be damaged.


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